What's WTC ?

What is World Trails Conference ?

World Trails Conference : WTC

 Representatives from the world’s trail (natural path) industry gather to discuss the development and preservation of trails at an international meeting called the “World Trails Conference” (WTC). Through this conference, trail organizations, walking associations and affiliated companies are able to share information and experiences concerning trails.

 Through the support of Jeju Provincial Government and Korea Tourism Organization, Korea’s Jeju Olle Foundation was able to host the first WTC in October 2010 and all 5 conferences were held in Jeju Island, Korea. In January 2015, there were approximately 200 participants representing 45 organizations from 18 countries at the 5th WTC. In October 2016, Tottori hosted the 6th WTC, the first conference to be held outside Korea.

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World Trails Network : WTN

 World Trails Network Committee is an international Non-Profit Association based in Geneva, Switzerland. WTN strives to connect the diverse trails of the world to promote the creation, enhancement, and protection of outstanding trail experiences. It brings trail associations , trail users and all people passionate about the outdoors together from around the world to foster global collaboration and networking for the betterment of the world's trails.

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World Trails Network's Main Programs

– Care for the environment
– Sustainable development practices
– Sharing best management practices and trail research
– A commitment to quality experiences
– Connections with communities
– Accuracy of information
– Promotion of cross-marketing opportunities
– Through sharing the common values of world trails, promoting active lifestyles in the outdoors and nature

WTN Committee Members

The members of the WTN Committee are all volunteers and host a monthly online conference call meeting.

●WTN Committee Members (2014.01)
Chair person Galeo Saintz (Rim of Africa)
Vice-chair Person
Laura Belleville (Appalachian Trail Conservancy)
Jackie Randle (The Bruce Trail Conservancy)
– Knowledge and Resource Sharing
Robert Searns (American Trails)
Hui Jung (Korea Trails Association)
Kerstin Stender (Bibbulmun Track)
– Marketing and Promotion
Galeo Saintz (Rim of Africa)
Robert Searns (American Trails)
– Culture and Biodiversiry
Fivos Tsaravopoulos (Paths of Greece)
Huseyin Eryurt (Culture Routes Society Turkey)
– Conference and Events
Julie Jung (Jeju Olle Foundation)
Lis Nielsen (European Ramblers’ Association)
Hiroaki Kishida (NPO Mirai)
– Development and Strategy
Laura Belleville (Appalachian Trail Conservancy)
Galeo Saintz (Rim of Africa)
Mirvat Bakkour (Lebanon Mountain Trail Association)
Tottori World Trails Conference Executive Committeewtc_footer


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